Seneca Data Motion CL900 Tablet Computer Running Windows 7 Professional Coming Soon!

Seneca Data Nexlink Motion CL900 Microsoft Windows 7 Tablet

Motion CL900 Windows 7 Tablet

I can hardly contain myself! One of our favorite vendors, Seneca Data, just announced a new line of ruggedized tablet computers that they will be offering in the coming months!

The Android and iPad tablet wars are going full strength, but it looks like Microsoft’s Windows 7 isn’t out of the running just yet.

Oh I already hear what you are saying, “Why Windows!??!?!”  The Samsung Galaxy S tablet running Google’s Android OS, the well established Apple iPad and coming 2nd generation iPad are all fun machines, but fall flat when it comes to business applications. Don’t get me wrong, there ARE people using them for business, and there are a growing number of applications for both platforms. However, Microsoft Windows 7 is the cock of the walk when it comes to business use. Over 90% of the applications our clients use are written specifically for Windows, with no support for Apple Mac OS X or mobile / tablet operating systems at all. Most of these Windows applications do not even have comparable or competing applications on other platforms.

That brings us to just why I am excited about the Seneca Data Motion CL900. ALL these Windows applications will run on it because it is running a full Windows 7 Professional OS. That means, our clients who have legal, medical or other proprietary software will no longer have to use a remote desktop application to run the program on a server, they can run it directly on their tablet.

While you would not want to use this type of device for AV editing (I would say Photoshop is out for sure…) it should offer plenty of power to run typical suites of applications, from Microsoft Office, to Prevail, and certainly all cloud computing / SaaS solutions.

Possibly of more importance to many people, this tablet, unlike the current Android and iPad devices, is a ruggedized! It can survive a 4 foot drop as well as being water, dust and splash resistant!

Motion CL900 Docking StationThe CL900 allows the use of optional external devices. Currently, the list of devices includes a magnetic stripe readers and a biometric / finger print reader that mount securely to the side of the unit to expand the capabilities.

There is also an optional docking station that permits easy docking for charging, and more comfortable desktop usage…

Some specifications of the CL900 are:

Motion CL900 Dimensions

  • Intel Atom 1.2Ghz processor designed for tablet computers
  • Connectivity via Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Ruggedized case. Display features Corning Gorilla Glass
  • 10.1” screen featuring HD 1366 X 768 resolution
  • Multitouch & active stylus capable
  • 10.9″ x 7.06″ x 0.61″
  • 2.1 lbs
  • Up to 8 hours battery life
  • Expandable
  • Quick charging

We should have one in our hot little hands to test as soon as it is available and will report back here our thoughts. Until then, we will hang back and wait.

If you would like more information or would like to be notified when the Motion CL900 becomes available, you can reply to this post, or email info@homelandsecureit.com

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  1. Exciting. I am looking for a Windows-based tablet that can/could be used as a laptop/PC replacement for a large majority of our enterprise workers. Being able to reduce our device costs, tie it to Windows AD, provide maximum portability etc. is very compelling.

    1. The existing options are far too expensive… The Motion looks to fill an important niche!

      Thank you for your reply! I will post a follow-up as more information becomes available.

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