What is the best boardroom or conference room video display system?

I was at a meeting today in a nicely laid out conference room, and it made me think about how various businesses use video displays.

High tech boardroom video display

Beautiful boardrooms have beautiful displays!

Here are a few options for typical boardrooms:

  • Whiteboard, permanent screen or wall  for display with a projector on the table, and cables running everywhere (currently how I do it at our office)
  • Exposed retractable / drop-down screen mounted on wall with projector hung from ceiling mount and wiring nicely tucked out of sight (How it is done where I was today)
  • Hidden retractable / drop-down  screen mounted in ceiling with a hidden projector that drops with the touch of a button
  • LCD or Plasma monitor mounted to the wall, cables hidden, electronics in a cabinet
  • LCD or Plasma monitor on a kiosk or mobile rack that is self-contained
  • LCD or Plasma monitor that retracts into in a credenza type cabinet with all electronics hidden in cabinet

Of course there are lots of other options, but you get the picture.

Since my business is supposed to be “high tech”, does it make sense for me to be using a mobile projector which is pulled out of the bag and put on the table with unsightly cables running everywhere for people to trip over? No it doesn’t. And I am going to do something about that. Coming soon will be option 3 above, a hidden screen and hidden projector.

But what is right for your business? Have you seen the options that are available to you?

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  1. To whom it may concern. I like the article and I am currently looking at conference room solutions for my new office that will be under construction later this year. I have done extensive research on video display, video conferencing, lighting etc. I really like the image of the conference room you have featured on this page. I am especially interested in the the table and chairs. I know this may not be your board room but would you mind sharing with me the company in which this board room exists. Thank you much.

    1. Thanks for the reply.

      The picture of the boardroom I used was from one of our vendors I believe. We have not setup anything quite so beautiful, however, they are out there.
      I was in one just yesterday that was gorgeous!

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