Disaster Recovery Made Easy with Servosity Bare-Metal Restore

Those of us who have been through a hard drive failure know what real pain is! As a computer technician, it is no less devastating for us, all the same things have to take place after a failure, the routine is something like this:

  • Determine the drive is indeed dead, have last rites, it was a good drive.
  • Replace the drive in the computer.
  • Format and load our operating system. (We do have the install disks, right?)
  • Configure all the networking, ownership, accounts, etc. (What? No net access? Of course not, you don’t have the right driver)
  • Load drivers for network interface,  audio, video and other hardware. (They are long out of date if you are using the original install media)
  • Load all the updates, patches and driver updates. Windows XP systems may require 100 updates or more!
  • Load your applications… Of course you know where the disks and license keys are.
  • Find some applications online because they were downloaded. Guess what? Your key no longer works with the current version, your version is no longer available for download…
  • Restore your files from the last backup you made. YOU DID MAKE A BACKUP, RIGHT?
  • Spend the next week realizing you missed various things and fix those as you go.

Even for a seasoned techy type person, the time spent could literally be hours. New curse words will be invented. You may miss an important event like your son’s wedding, because this is far too important to put off.

There are many things that can shorten the time it takes to return your machine from a brick to a working system. You can ensure you have all your install media for the operating system and applications in one place, and that your product keys/licenses are tucked away safe and secure. Any hardware driver disks should be kept, and without question, you should always backup your system!

What if I told you that all of that can be avoided, and in the event of a hard drive crash or even a complete computer failure, that you could replace the drive, or failed system with another identical system, then have it running as if it never happened in about 20 minutes?

Through the magic of a “Bare-Metal Restore”, that is entirely possible! It is as if you went back in time, to happier days when the system was working correctly!

Many products are on the market that can accomplish this, but if you are using our Servosity Online On-Demand backup solution, you already have all the software you need!  You will require an extra hard drive to make the image to, a few minutes to configure it, and then let it run!

Watch it in action here as Damien Stevens, CEO of Servosity talks with Jon Evans, and George Law performs an actual restore:


We are so sold on Servosity that we use it for our own servers, recommend it to our clients and have partnered with them to offer it to you!

Convinced this may be right for you? Call us at 864.990.4748 or email info@homelandsecureit.com. Want a free trial? Sure you do! Click this link:


Free Servosity Online Backup Trial! Click Here...

FREE Servosity Online Backup Trial! Click Here...

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