I don’t wanna work… I’m gonna go to TEDxGreenville all day! #TEDxGreenville #XperienceGVL

Let me start off by apologizing to all of our wonderful clients…

I am sorry, from the bottom of my heart that I will not be reachable today via phone. I am one of the most reachable people on the planet normally, just about 24 hours a day, but…

Today is TEDxGreenville and I just can’t miss it again. (Click on the link for more information about what TEDx is)…    Last year, I worked through it and missed out, but this year, I made a promise to myself to attend!

The line up look amazing:

The Schedule

8:33 a.m. Russell Stall & Co. Kickoff
8:46 Christian Long Kids redesigning the classroom
9:04 Fine Arts Center Classical Quintet String quartet & piano
9:32 Derrick Goodwin Don’t wait to die to consider your purpose
9:45 Ian Curcio The technology and craft of photography
9:56 Jose de Guadalupe Flamenco guitar and dancer
11:06 Max Strom There is no app for happiness
11:22 Bob Kilgore Guitar solo
11:44 Brett Sims (Upstate Parkour) Parkour
11:55 Jim De Piante Watson – A bold party trick, or technological leap?
1:43 p.m. Moody Black & Co. Poetry slam (12 poets)
2:00 Prasanna Eswara Socially responsible sourcing
2:06 Discordia Arts Belly dancer with musical accompaniment
2:12 Shannon Pierce Innovation through pain
2:18 Niel Brooks Singer songwriter
2:24 Qiana Martin Soccer: the power to speak a global language
2:36 Note Ropers Honkabilly
3:47 Tucker Freeland & Co. Inline skate
3:58 Jeremy Make and Andy Raney kART Across America: What is your art?
4:34 Marsha Wallace Democratizing philanthropy through collective giving
4:47 Angie Aparo Singer songwriter
4:56 John Bielenberg A new collaborative capitalism: COMMON brand
5:14 Slideshow & FAC Jazz Quintet Jazz quintet, portraits, and graphic talks
5:22 Closing

After TEDxGreenville concludes, we will be heading over to XperienceGreenville, another simply amazing event that is going to help put Greenville on the map. We’re talking DJs, lasers, glow sticks, a few thousand people, aliens, ninjas. Consider it a family-friend rave!

If you want to follow the action on Twitter, follow #TEDxGreenville and #XperienceGVL

If you REALLY need me, call my office number, leave a voice mail, it will go to my cell phone and I will get back to you quickly. Or, send email, text message, etc. I’m taking a notebook and can provide the computer service you require if it is an emergency.  Scott should be around the office most of the day, and Greg is out there somewhere too…

Enjoy YOUR weekend, hope you get to do something as enlightening and entertaining as us!

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