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XPerience Greenville Fun

Xperience Greenville as reviewed by Pamela Hoyt

After a very full day at TEDx Greenville, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with Xperience Greenville that followed.  TED x proved to be an incredibly fast paced adventure that far outweighed my expectations.  TED meaning Technology, Entertainment, and Design was certainly carried through in Xperience Greenville as well.  The “X”perience was originally drafted to be an after party of the second annual TEDx of Greenville which showcases the innovative talent of our Upstate.

I enjoyed the fact that Xperience GVL encompassed a family friendly atmosphere.  I noticed most of the participants that were present at TEDx returned with their families in tow.   It’s difficult to be away from family all day and into the evening as well, so I considered this a great addition.  Fortunately, our children were able to meet us downtown which allowed us additional time to unwind and grab dinner with some friends that also attended TEDx and chat about our days’ events which started at 7:30am!

Aaron Von Frank, Susan Sebotnik, and other key planners did such a fantastic job of making Xperience a fun, inviting, relaxed atmosphere for people of all ages.   John certainly enjoyed the adult beverages that were tucked away in the Wyche Pavilion but the tables were not front and center for everyone to stumble over which was nice.  The music was fun and lively with a great goove… okay I was even dancing but please don’t ask LeeAnn Carter to see the video because our kids were a bit embarrassed by their  “MOM!”  What a great night to Celebrate:  TEDx, the anniversary of Google on Main, and the fantastic weather that was provided for us to enjoy.   Xperience certainly showcased exciting Technology, was wildly Entertaining, and involved creative Design from the best that Greenville has to offer and to that I say, “THANK YOU!”

Please watch John’s little video compilation filmed  on his Flip and enjoy a few moments of Xperience Greenville… we certainly did =)

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