Nexlink, our preferred business computer vendor has a new look… #nexlink

Nexlink has a new look!

The new look of Nexlink computers

Check out the new look for Nexlink’s computers! Same great case, with a more modern face plate…

Those of us here at Homeland Secure IT have worked with computers from every major computer manufacturer you’ve heard of, and we are partners with many great providers of computers and servers, such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc…  However, for business computers, we tend to recommend the Nexlink line of computers.

Why wouldn’t we go with a mainstream solution for every client? After all, HP has a reputation as a quality business computer supplier, wouldn’t it be a great investment for any business?

Absolutely! HP does make a quality system, however, one of the things you are paying for when you purchase that new HP system is the name. HP has worked hard to create a presence in the business market and that has cost a fortune.

Other vendors, such as Nexlink, can offer comparable desktops, servers and notebooks, without the marketing and sales expenses attached to them, allowing you the best computer for your dollar!

Furthermore, the Nexlink products are some of the highest quality we have ever worked with. They use trusted components, such as Intel motherboards and Intel processors, nothing less than the best. The support from Nexlink is outstanding, and all the business systems we sell have a 3 year warranty with next day shipping should something be needed!

Should your business be considering new computers, servers or notebooks in the Greenville / Upstate, SC area, give us a call at 864.990.4748 or email and let’s discuss if Nexlink is right for you!

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