Would you drive a car without a spare? Why would you not want a backup?

Would you drive a car without a spare tire in the trunk?  Auto makers are selling cars without spare tires!

How about operating your computer without a backup?

Not a week goes by that we don’t hear some horror story about computer owners losing data. It could be from a virus, a failed hard drive, a dropped notebook, even a misplaced or stolen notebook, but either way, the data is gone and one of the following generally takes place next:

  • An IT service professional may be able to recover the data if you have the device, and it has not been physically destroyed.
  • You recover from a backup that you have made (hopefully recently) but it may require the re-installation of the OS and/or applications by an IT support professional if your backup is not an image of the running system.
  • You write it off and start from scratch – losing all your data…

Either way, not a pretty picture if this happens to you.

All this can be avoided by obtaining quality backup software or cloud services to accomplish this. If you need assistance determining methods of disaster recovery for your home or business computer, or an entire network of computers and servers, please contact us here at Homeland Secure IT… We are partners with Servosity, Symantec, Quantum, Mozy and other backup solution providers. We have solutions for Apple Mac OS X, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL and more!

864.990.4748 or info@homelandsecureit.com for more information in the Greenville / Upstate SC area.


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