The Phone Cops are watching you… No wait, you are watching the cops on your phone… Sorry.

WCSO Washington County (AR) Sheriff's Office mobile app

WCSO Mobile App

My brother, Rick Hoyt, is employed by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Arkansas and he brought it to my attention that their department is the first in the nation to produce an iPhone app…

This thing is so cool that I loaded it on my iPad so I could see what was going on where I used to live!

It will allow you to check the Detention Center intake report, see the Most Wanted, a list of deadbeat dads/moms and more.

The company that made it is Mobile Patrol, LLC of Revolution Technologies, LLC from Rogers Arkansas and I imagine they are going to be swamped with calls from other law enforcement departments wanting their own apps such as this.

How cool is to to able to see the incarcerated individuals right on your phone? Not so cool if it is someone you know, and even less cool, if someone is seeing you there, but hey, none-the-less, it is good for some entertainment.

Click the graphic to check out the app on iTunes, or just click here.  Now they just need to produce a twin app to work with Android.

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