Homeland Secure IT is giving away an XBOX 360 Arcade system for no particular reason…

Homeland Secure IT is giving away an XBOX 360 Arcade

There's no such thing as a free lunch, but there IS a Free XBOX 360 from Homeland Secure IT available!

It has been too long since we gave something away! Well, that’s not entirely true… We “give away” excellent computer, server and network service, support and repair at amazingly low rates every day!

However, that is not what I am talking about. I’m talking about giving away an XBOX 360 Arcade system from Microsoft which will give you hours of enjoyment, or maybe act as a baby-sitter for your children, or possibly for your husband / boyfriend, etc…

I believe the retail value is about $200, but not being a gamer, I’m not entirely sure.  I received this as a prize from Microsoft and not that I don’t appreciate the beauty of the packaging it came in, or the fact that it functions well as a door stop, it’s just that there is someone out there who will use it and enjoy it, so here we go… Time to Give It Away! (The Red Hot Chili Peppers said so!)

How do you win it?

There is NO purchase necessary, but there are some things that you must do…

  • Pass through our initiation process – This is where you tattoo your forehead with the Homeland Secure IT logo. Okay, this is optional.
  • Sign up to this blog by hitting the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON over in the right-hand column. You can receive the daily blog posts in email first thing in the morning this way. And you can opt out later (after the contest is over) when you get tired of my yammering…
  • Sign up for our SUPER LOW traffic mailing lists HERE … We rarely send anything out, so you won’t be too annoyed. You can unsubscribe from either or both at anytime, AFTER the contest end date.
  • Go to our home page at www.HomelandSecureIT.com and hit the Google +1 button
  • Go to our Google business places page and leave a review and rating (hopefully a good one)
  • LIKE us on facebook HERE …     Follow us on Twitter HERE

For each one of those that you do, you increase your odds of winning considerably! The way the drawing will work is like this:

Every email / name on the blog and email subscription list will be combined into one long list. However many entries there are will be totaled and then I will use a random number generator like you might find at http://www.random.org/ will be used to pick a number and the person who appears on line number X from the list of combined subscribers will be selected. I will then contact them and see if they actually want it.

There are a few exclusions…  IF you are not from the Upstate area of SC and are unable to stop by our office and pick up the console, then you should not bother, as I don’t want to pay or take the time to ship it to you.

IF you attempt to cheat by subscribing from bogus accounts, I will likely know and unsubscribe you.

IF you are under the legal age, whatever that is, then you should not subscribe. (Let’s assume old enough to drive a car to get a prize, or the age that is legal in your world).

IF you are forbidden by law or some other oddity that keeps people on your planet from playing our silly game, then you should not subscribe.

I think that’s it….    Sign up, and good luck…

On September 1st, the anniversary of asking my wifey to marry me, I will “draw” for the winner!





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    1. James, then you have many more chances at winning than anyone who doesn’t! I guess I should have said, anyone who is already signed up doesn’t need to do anything at all!

      Thanks so very much for your support!

  1. You better add a few entries for me for referrals!! Cowboy’s birthday is Sept. 7th and he’s asked for a new xbox! LOL

    1. Andrea… Didn’t you already win something? Oh yeah, a Flip camera…. I should have posted that those who have won in the past are excluded, but oh well… You can play too =)

  2. One more way to get your name into the drawing more times… Go google for “Greenville Computer Repair” and find Homeland Secure IT on the places pages and leave a review if you have done business with us before. I will add those entries in too! You may want to shoot me an email to johnh@homelandsecureit.com to let me know you have done so because your gmail account name may not be the same as the other email addresses you used, etc.

    I’ll also check out Merchant Circle for reviews left.

  3. Okay – I carefully followed all the instructions and as a father to three sons, the opportunity to walk in the door with an Xbox 360 is awesome, but the opportunity to tell them how hard I worked to help a freind and also to win a promotion – WOW! I will take photos of their little eyes lighting up as their smiles radiate joy from their tiny hearts…..

    Mr. Hoyt, you may very well make me a hero in my home!!

    1. We’ll count the comments here too Tabitha now that you mentioned it… If you want additional entries, go to http://www.homelandsecureit.com, scroll to the bottom, look on the right, hit the +1 button and the “like” button.

      We are going to give this thing away tomorrow…. Good luck, and thank you for playing our silly games!

  4. http://maps.google.com/maps/place?hl=en&cp=18&gs_id=1v&xhr=t&qe=aG9tZWxhbmQgc2VjdXJlIGl0&qesig=TmzHt0PVTnRgE-Pfu05qEg&pkc=AFgZ2tnu2q6yRVg1dCH2W_XKw7AGwboX6LerVmA9h2neG2TgoTIUiv5G_jnCHO5e1MxbjF6xj6F7WpXQjhIrtryPdZr6f4DlaA&safe=off&gs_upl=&pws=0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.&biw=1911&bih=931&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=homeland+secure+it&fb=1&gl=us&hq=homeland+secure+it&hnear=0x88578f6662fa1105:0xd8aa9d77bf257696,Greenville,+SC&cid=13972169169882382252&ei=_YReTsydJpSztwelmOGlCw&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=placepage-link&resnum=1&sqi=2&ved=0CEwQ4gkwAA

    There’s the ugly link to review us…

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