Microsoft is trying to tempt you to use Internet Explorer 9 with the offer of free stuff

Come to the dark side - We have cookies, and downloads.

Are you using something other than Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) for your web browser? A growing number of you are, and Microsoft does not like it one bit. In fact, if you go visit their promo site, you can receive “Free stuff from sites you love” if you will just cross over to the dark side, so to speak.

Here’s the link to the “Beauty of the Web” site…  HERE

Sites represented are Slacker Radio, AOL Radio, Grooveshark, hulu, Flixter, Fandango, ticketmaster, vimeo, zynga and Pandora.

Of course, you have to be using IE to take advantage of the offers. The process is to drag the icon to your taskbar to pin it there, then share the information on Twitter or Facebook.

Mac OS X users will have to run IE 9 in a virtual machine in order to take advantage of this…


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