Homeland Secure IT’s #LeapIntoIT Kindle Fire Giveaway will let one of our Upstate, SC friends get a new toy!

#LeapIntoIT Kindle Fire Giveaway

#LeapIntoIT Kindle Fire Giveaway

It’s that time again!  Time for us to have some fun, and help one of our Upstate, SC friends get something cool to play with.

We’ve given away stuff before, like Trend Micro anti-virus, a wireless IP security camera, a Cisco Flip Mino HD video camera, Microsoft Office 2010, and even a Microsoft X-BOX 360, but this is likely the most exciting thing yet, or at least the 2nd most exciting!

We decided that since it is a Leap Year, we will help one person leap into the tablet computer revolution by giving them one of the hottest little tablets out… The Amazon Kindle Fire!  It is far more than just an eBook Reader, it’s a smokin’ hot tablet too!  So hot, it’s on FIRE! =)

Let’s call it the “Leap Into IT” giveaway!  #LeapIntoIT

Who is eligible?


Anyone who can walk into the Homeland Secure IT office at 104 Mauldin Rd, STE E in Greenville, SC to retrieve the tablet in person. We will NOT SHIP IT. Also, you must not be prohibited by law from participating in any giveaway, and all that legal mumbo-jumbo. Let’s put an age restriction on it too.  You must not be older than, no wait, you must be at least 18 to participate.

Employees of Homeland Secure IT cannot play this silly game because they would never get any work done.

Past winners of Homeland Secure IT giveaways ARE eligible (Andrea, James, Hal, etc)

How do you get involved in this?


There is NO purchase necessary, but there are some things that you will want to do…

  • Pass through our initiation process – This is where you tattoo your forehead with the Homeland Secure IT logo. Okay, this is optional.
  • Sign up to this blog by hitting the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON over in the right-hand column. You can receive the daily blog posts in email first thing in the morning this way. And you can opt out later (after the contest is over) when you get tired of my yammering…
  • Sign up for our SUPER LOW traffic mailing lists HERE … We rarely send anything out, so you won’t be too annoyed. You can unsubscribe from either or both at anytime, AFTER the contest end date.
  • Go to our home page at www.HomelandSecureIT.com and hit the Google +1 button & Facebook “like” while you are there.
  • Go to our Google business places page and leave a review and rating (hopefully a good one)
  • Go to Merchant Circle and leave a review/rating
  • Go to Yelp and leave a review/rating
  • Go to Yahoo! and leave a review/rating
  • LIKE us on facebook HERE …     Follow us on Twitter HERE …
Please note: If leaving reviews or ratings somewhere, please only do so if you actually know something about us, we’ve done business together,  interact with us on social media, or personally know us.


Here is a list of ways to connect:  


If you connect in a different manner and you feel it is important, email me, or tag me in a post so I can see what you have done and count that as well!

In review, it is up to you to determine how much, or how little you wish to get involved. The more ways you connect, the more chances to get this darn Kindle Fire!

How is the selection made?


Good question! We lay out a grid, with your each name written in it in the parking lot, and we then shoot a gerbil straight into the air, and in whatever grid the gerbil falls into, that’s our winner.

Okay, (maybe) it isn’t like that at all.  No, in fact it is not.

On February 29th, 2012, I’ll take every name/email address from our mailing lists, all the names of those who have reviewed us on Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo! & Merchant Circle, all the mentions on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, all the Likes and Follows on Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, all the Google Plus +1s, and dump them into a spread sheet. Next I go to www.Random.Org and put the number of lines in my spreadsheet as the max number and generate a random number.

Whoever matches that number in the spreadsheet is contacted.

If they are out of the area and cannot get it in person, another number will be selected and the process repeated until we have a winner!

So, with that said… Let’s do this!   Leap Into IT!!!!

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  1. “No Gerbils were harmed in the choosing of the winner.” Not only does Homeland Secure IT do awesome computer repair work but they have a great sense of humor! I mean heck, they hired Greg!!

  2. Ha! I’m not afraid of Mel!! I’ll channel my inner Charlton Heston– “Give me the Fire or pry it from my cold, dead hands!” 😉

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  4. Pretty sure I’ve been following everything, so maybe I’ll get it! LOL Would be a great excuse to come down and see you guys!!

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      You are in the running, Shari! Thank you!

      Posting links to our site, this blog post, or hitting “like” on our web site, or going to our facebook page and hitting “like” all count for extra entries!
      If you have done business with us, which I think you have, please go to our Google Places page, Yelp or Merchant Circle and leave a review. Those count for entries as well.


  6. I just tallied up the entries… There are currently 7948 entries to the contest. I’m the following:
    Retweets of this URL or mentions of “Homeland Secure IT”, or “www.HomelandSecureIT.com” on twitter
    Posts that have tagged “John M. Hoyt” or “Homeland Secure IT, LLC” on Facebook
    Everyone who has “liked” Homeland Secure IT on Facebook
    Every Google mention of Homeland Secure IT, or +1s
    Every review of Homeland Secure IT on Google, yelp and Merchant Circle.
    Everyone who has hit the +1 button or hit “like” on the http://www.HomelandSecureIT.com page
    As a bonus I also counted all the people who have mentioned “Dockside Band”, “www.TheDocksideBand.com”, liked the band’s facebook page at http://facebook.com/DocksideBand

    Some people have gone over and above!

    The person with the most “entries” is James Akers Jr…. This guy has 32 separate ways of connecting with us. It comes has no surprise that he won the X-BOX 360 in our last giveaway due to the odds!

    Thanks for playing along, keep up the awesome work!

  7. Would really live to win. Would be awesome! Pherb, I know what we’re gonna do today. We’re going to win that K-Fire. 🙂

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  8. John and Scott,
    you guys are the greatest. You definitely live up to your company name, “Homeland secure” You have bailed us out too many times to count and we are so thankful to have you keeping our computer systems up and running smooth. Thanks for all the multiple years you have saved us in the past and look forward to many great years in the future.

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  9. Thanks for always running to the rescue her at Samaritan Health Clinic. You guys are always so helpful. Hope I win the Kindle. I think I covered all the steps!

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