Data Killer – Could tape & hard drive shredding & “DOD” wipes be a thing of the past?

Currently, the ONLY true way to ensure that your data is not recovered from an old hard drive is to destroy that drive by shredding it.

In the video below, you will see a device that has the potential for erasing the data using the same method that was used to record that information, albeit much more powerful.

It remains to be seen whether data will be truly rendered unreadable using the “Data Killer”, but in theory it could work, and the fact that the hard drive itself would remain operable is quite attractive.

One thing is for sure, a “DOD wipe” is not enough to protect your data. We have successfully recovered data that was erased or wiped using 5 passes or more of common software.


If you have backup tapes or hard drives that you would like to securely dispose of, please contact us in the Upstate of SC, we can arrange for the secure shredding of those devices.  864.990.4748 or use our CONTACT form for more information

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