Bovinova 2.0 / 2012 was a great experience! Did you miss it? If so, there’s always Bovinova 3.0 in 2013!

Okay, so this last weekend was amazing… Bovinova 2.0 blew the first event out of the water!

The bar has been raised considerably, so Bovinova 3.0 next year is going to have to be exponentially cooler to top it!

What IS Bovinova you ask? It is a big (no, bigger than “big”) BBQ! They roast an entire cow over a fire, and goat, lamb, chicken, turkey, hotdogs, hamburger and a llama. Wait, did this guy just say llama? You bet I did!

Also, during the Friday before the event, there is live entertainment, including a band, which I was lucky enough to play with for the second year running, and a local entertainer known as Tim TV who has his “Secret Cirkus” and they twirl lighted hulahoops and play with fire! (Eating it, fire-hooping, etc).

You can keep up with the Bovinova happenings at

"Burnt Offering", the official Bovinova Band featuring John M. Hoyt and Joey Loman

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