Hard drive stolen from Miami’s Upper Valley Medical Center #encryption #dataloss #privacy

Here’s another case of a missing device from a medical facility… “Computer hard drive missing from UVMC hospital

A man walked into a medical center, and apparently stole a hard drive that from a computer in a patient admitting area near the main lobby.

The quote that gets me was “The hospital does not believe any patient personal information is contained on the hard drive”….

That’s great that they don’t believe there was anything important on it, but the thought that they COULD be wrong keeps haunting me.  If you have been following this blog for a while, you might remember the computer server that we recovered thousands of medical files from that was purchased on craigslist. I believe the previous owners also believed that server did not contain any patient personal information, but boy were they wrong.

Had the medical facility utilized free encryption that is included as part of the Microsoft Windows Professional operating system, not only could the hospital claim that they did not believe any data was contained on the hard drive, but they could also say that if, by chance, there is data on the hard drive, that thanks to encryption, it is highly unlikely that the data will be recoverable.

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