It’s vacation time! Protect your computer, server and other belongings while you are away!

If you are lucky or blessed enough to be able to take off from work and actually get out of town for a summer vacation over the Independence Day holiday this year, hopefully you will be doing a few things to protect your belongings while you are away.

Here are a few examples of things you can do in order to insure your “stuff” is just as you left it when you return:

  • Water – Oh yeah, that’s some nasty stuff…  I once left town to return to tens of thousands of dollars in damage to a home due to a tiny ice maker line developing a leak! Just think how much water could flow from the hot and cold water lines going to your washer. There are even devices that automatically cut off the water in the event of a broken line like that for the washer.
  • Locks – Using quality locks on your doors might keep someone who is not very dedicated to their “job” from breaking in.
  • Lights – Lights left on, or on timers could potentially cause a criminal to move on to the next home. Why take a chance that someone is there?
  • Alarm – Having a quality monitored alarm system is essential! You want glass break detection, as well as a WIRED solution if possible that monitors for door or window openings or breaches, motion (no, your cat won’t trigger them) and fire/heat and carbon monoxide detectors, coupled with loud and annoying sirens. Some of these systems allow you to check the status remotely, assign guest access codes and more.
  • Neighbors – Let a few of your neighbors know you are gone and who they can expect to be at your location. Give them your phone numbers so they can call you if they have any questions.
  • Police – You can alert the police that you are out of town, and ask for extra patrols.
  • Friends – You can ask a friend to stay over, or at the very least to stop in and check on your home just to make sure that the water line going to the fridge doesn’t pour water for days on end.
  • Backup – Consider taking a backup of your data offsite in the event of fire, theft or other disaster. An offsite, online backup solution like our Servosity offering may be best here!
  • Encryption – Encrypting your data could keep someone who steals your computer or server from being able to access important documents.
  • Safe deposit box or offsite storage – Moving expensive items to an offsite location where people are actually watching it could be a good alternative to leaving it unattended.
  • Insurance – This is self-explanatory.

Sure, there’s a lot you can do, and the more you do, the better! One thing we have done is to install a security camera system that monitors our home and businesses from all angles.

At first you might think that a video surveillance system sounds like something you want at your secret underground lair, however, without exception, everyone who installs such a system feels instantly more secure. You grow to rely on it, and often use it to set your mind at ease. Are the kids home yet? A glance or “listen” lets you know.

A basic video camera system may include:

  • Four or more cameras to view your residence from different angles.
  • Instant email complete with a snapshot of the action that triggered it when someone or something enters a secured zone (we love being notified when UPS drops off a package, when the kids get home, etc)
  • Remote viewing of the cameras using a computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or Android tablet or just about any smartphone.
  • Ability to listen in to the audio for any camera feed.
  • Night vision – to help with low light situations.
  • Recording, either all the time, or during motion, heat or light events. Searchable for various tags such as “motion”.

More sophisticated systems might consist of:

  • Interior as well as exterior cameras.
  • TWO-WAY audio (you can speak to people using your smartphone, computer, tablet, as well as hear them).
  • Megapixel resolution for stunning quality.
  • Optical AND digital zoom, controllable from anywhere.
  • Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ lets you move the camera from remote)
  • Tracking of moving objects.
  • Logging of license plates.
  • Facial recognition.
  • Alert to missing items (It might email your TV vanished from the monitored area).
Those are just a few of the features available at very reasonable rates!

Front of House Security Camera during Lightning Strike


In the example above, you will see an emailed attachment from one of our cameras as it captured a nearby lightning strike without so much as being blinded from the flash.

No doubt you are now thinking you want your own security cameras! If that is the case, please use the CONTACT link in the site navigation bar or call us at 864.990.4748!

We provide sales, consultation and installation of many brands of surveillance cameras such as AXIS, Panasonic, Cisco, D-Link, TRENDnet, Sony, Speco, Honeywell, Keebox, Intellinet, JVC, Tamron, Toshiba, HAI, Q-see, TP-Link, LinkSys, LevelOne, Foscam, Logitech, ZModo and MANY others.

Additionally, we offer professional systems for your business, school, motel, bus or just about any application you can imagine.

Stay safe!

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