Where’s Your Cloud?

Instagram Is Down

Amazon Web Services (AWS), considered by many to be the de facto standard in “cloud” solutions, experienced a wide-spread outage that took many services offline, including the popular Instagram, Pintrest and NetFlix sites over the weekend. Today, it appears that random issues are still affecting these sites. Initially the cause, estimated time of restored service and updates were quite vague, leaving people quite literally in the dark.

If you are entertaining a potential move from the physical to the virtual, be sure to consider what would happen if that connection were severed! Would you be out of business?

We took that into consideration when we were looking for an online backup solution provider for our own data and our clients and is one of the reasons we went with Servosity! With Servosity’s partner driven backup and disaster recovery SaaS, it is guaranteed that our clients’ data is stored in a geo-redundant fashion.  Their data centers provide the power/security redundancies you would expect from a SAS-70 Type II audited data center.

We would be happy to talk with your Upstate / Greenville based business about how cloud based solutions could help (or hinder) your business. Give us a call at 864.990.4748.

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  1. Is it really a cloud if the servers are in just one location? I’d argue that it’s not, it’s just cheap data center usage at that point.

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