Servosity bare metal recovery could help your IT support provider get a dead server back online fast! #BackTheStuffUp

Our cloud backup partner, Servosity, has included a bare metal restore capability in the most recent releases of their backup client software.

What IS “bare metal recovery”? It is part of the Servosity Disaster Recovery solution which allows an IT service provider or your IT support department to restore a crashed machine in a matter of minutes, even to dissimilar physical hardware or even virtual machines (VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V).

Servosity has two different versions, one is DR Server, for server environments and the other is DR Desktop, for, you guessed it, desktop and laptop computers. Both work by backing up a working system image to external media such as a USB hard drive. Then, in your time of need, a completely dead system can be recovered to a brand new machine, even if that machine has a different processor or hardware configuration.

Features of Servosity DR:

  • – Bare Metal Recovery to Dissimilar hardware, VMWare, Hyper-V, and VirtualBox
  • – Local, Network, and Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • – Purpose built for MSPs and IT Resellers
  • – No Hardware Required
  • – Geographically Redundant SAS-70 Type II Cloud
  • – Recover a server, desktop, or laptop in just minutes
  • – Disaster Recovery with snapshots to the Network and Cloud every 15 minutes

As I write this, one of our non-profit clients has suffered a catastrophic event that caused the loss of their only server, which is responsible for handling multiple organizations under their umbrella. Functions such as data / file storage, Microsoft Exchange email hosting for both local and remote users, domain functions and security, anti-virus protection solution and printing are all offline. Yes, they have backups, including Servosity cloud storage and data on redundant hard drive array (RAID), however, the OS is completely destroyed and will need to be reinstalled from scratch.

Had this client utilized the Servosity DR function that permits bare metal recovery, we could have had them back online already.

This heartbreaking event has caused us to pause to reflect on how we can help our other clients.

Many businesses and individuals claim to be unable to backup due to expense, however, the old adage is true in every respect – “The most costly backup is the one you don’t perform”. So, to help make backups more affordable, we are now offering a “BACK THE STUFF UP!” special!


To our current Servosity subscribers, we will provide you with an external USB hard drive of the appropriate size for your machines at cost, or use your provided USB drive and configure the Disaster Recovery at no cost for the labor to do so.

Don’t have Servosity? Not a problem! If you are willing to commit to a year of online backup, we will create a Servosity account for you, go to your Upstate location  (or you can bring your desktop or laptop to our office), download, install and configure the backup and the Disaster Recovery for you. You pay only for the Servosity backup storage and the USB hard drive which we will provide at our cost, or you can provide your own. The labor is on us.

Want to handle this yourself, have a large number of servers / workstations or maybe you’re not in the Upstate / Greenville area? We can ship a drive to your US location (you pay shipping and our cost) or you can provide your own, then we will talk you through the install and configuration or work on it from remote.

Don’t let another minute go by without backing up!

This solution supports Microsoft XP, Vista, and 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, Small Business Server 2011, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010, Microsoft SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and more!

For more details, please call us TODAY at 864.990.4748 or use that contact link in the navigation bar. If Homeland Secure IT is not your IT support provider, consider us for all your Greenville / Anderson / Spartanburg computer and server support needs!

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