Bye bye FeedBurner, we will miss you… Well, maybe not, we replaced you with FeedBlitz

Goodbye FeedBurner - Hello FeedBlitz

Goodbye FeedBurner – Hello FeedBlitz

We’re setting up FeedBlitz on our blogs and waving goodbye to Google’s FeedBurner.

FeedBurner was great back in the day, allowing us to have the reach we wanted, and our group of subscribers to get our blog in their inbox. However, Google has made it clear that FeedBurner is not a product they want to support, and just like several of their past projects, it appears it is destined to go away at some point.

Wanting to provide the best service to the readership, we’ve settled on FeedBlitz, which offers everything we had before, but at a cost. Actually, that’s not true, it offers more. Better RSS feeds, ability to share content easier.

I spent a few minutes today moving the subscribers over and doing a quick configuration it, so I guess we will see in the morning if it works properly.

To those of you who might get our email TWICE, I apologize in advance and will have this corrected quickly, so no need to unsubscribe, I promise.

On another note, we are probably going to replace our sporadic newsletter with ONLY the blog posts. We will likely be running our giveaways only from the blog too.

Thanks for your patience, support and understanding!!!!

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  1. The switch-over has gone okay so far. Looks like most of the few feedburner email subscribers migrated perfectly. I realize some of them were being counted, even though they never made it through the validation process.

    RSS is another story. I will work on that today. It’s showing only 60 something, where we had 600+ before. Maybe they are gone? Doesn’t matter if they were not active, but if they were active and can’t find us, then that’s a bummer.

    Anyone considering the change from feedburner to feedblitz should just do it. I looked at most of the other options and I am happy so far with my decision!

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