Constant wireless network connection dropping got you down?

Wireless woes got you down? Tired of Wi-Fi connection issues?

Here are a couple of common complains we hear, maybe one of these applies to you:

You have a wireless tablet (iPad, Android, Windows, etc), notebook / laptop, point of sale system, Voice over IP phone system, etc, and as you move around your business, you lose your wireless connection, momentarily bringing whatever you were doing to a complete stop until you connect again. Even the notifications about the loss of connection and connecting status drives you bonkers.

Your business is in a large complex, and has a number of wireless access points throughout the facility, but as you roam through the building or campus, your connection is momentarily lost and your device has to reconnect. During this reconnection or reassociation time, your phone call on a wireless VoIP phone is lost, or your connection from your iPad back to a hosted application is severed.

There is great coverage in certain areas of your building, but very poor in others, causing you to have to stand in just the right spot to keep your connection active. You might even have mental notes telling you not to walk into the break room while on the phone or you will lose your call.

The wireless network at your company is comprised of several access points, potentially from different manufacturers, each with different SSIDs and encryption keys, maybe one for each area of a campus, causing you to have several configurations in your wireless device and switch between them when you are in different areas.

Sometimes the problems are not as severe as outlined above, and sometimes there are not even considered a “problem”, because you are used to working around them, but if this sounds like something that affects you, causing you frustration in addition to lost productivity, then you will be happy to know, we can help with that situation!

We can put an end to lost and dropped wireless connections. No more delays as your device is handed off between one access point to the other.

We can consolidate your wireless network into one easy to manage unit, where configurations between access points are instantly updated (no need to log into 2, 3, or a dozen individual access points just to change a password).

We can increase your security by segmenting your work network from a GUEST network, allowing your visitors to have access to the internet, but not to your company files, keeping your data isolated, and you in compliance!

Wide area coverage? NO problem, we have a system  that is perfect for your business, larger corporation, hospital or health care facility and even school / college / university campus solutions!

We are partners with the biggest wireless equipment manufacturers in the business, including Aruba & Cisco!

Call us today at 864.990.4748 and put an end to your wireless troubles!

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