Mass murder via computer malware in medical devices #MurderByMalware

mass murder via computer malware in medical devices


Imagine you have a pacemaker installed, and suddenly, the device discharges 830 volts into your body, certainly a fatal incident.

Now imagine that it is not accidental, but instead, a computer is used to make a wireless connection and cause this behavior to occur.  Murder by Malware if you will…  Or, due to a “feature” in the pacemaker itself, multiple devices are discharged within a 30ft radius of one another, effectively causing mass murder.

This sounds like science fiction, but it could actually happen, and it could happen today.  And pacemakers are not the only devices that may be vulnerable to this type of hack.

There is a pretty good article on this over on and you should read it if you have a pacemaker or know someone else who does, just to increase your own awareness.

Combine that with the news that computer viruses are rampant on medical devices in hospitals, and it is not too far of a leap to say that healthcare can be deadly!

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