Remotely monitor mountain or beach home with video surveillance

Home Security Camera System

Typical home security / surveillance camera

Some people are fortunate enough to own multiple properties, a home they live in, and then a home at the beach or in the mountains. However, one of the problems with owning these remote properties is that you can’t be there to keep up with what is going on.

You have no idea who is parking in your driveway, dumping trash on your property, casing the place for potential theft, or if the storm damaged anything.

Here’s an example; Though you have a house in the mountains, and you have an alarm on it in case someone breaks in, you only find out about it AFTER the intrusion occurs.

Using new technologies such as IP surveillance cameras, you can be notified the moment someone is on your property, BEFORE they gain entry to the home! This works by setting a camera pointed at a sensitive point on your property, such as a walkway, or your driveway, and configuring the system to send an email upon detection of motion.

Most of these systems can send a snapshot or video of what caused the motion.  As soon as you receive the notification, you can login remotely and view the camera/s in real time, even listening in to audio, and in some cases, talking back! You can view the cameras on your Apple Mac, Linux or Microsoft Windows computer using your favorite browser, or on your smartphone, android or iPad tablet. And recorded videos can cover weeks, even months!

Pricing has come down, and the quality has gone up!  Insurance rates may also be reduced if you have security systems and video surveillance in place for your vacation home.

If this sort of thing is of interest to you for your home, or your business, give Homeland Secure IT a call! We sell, install and upgrade CCTV, IP surveillance systems, network video recorders and digital video recorders. 864-990-4748 – We offer sales of all major brands of cameras and recorders!

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