A personal request….

If we have ever helped you out in any way, saved you time, or maybe money, or possibly your data, or just put a smile on your face, could I ask you to help us?

We would appreciate it dearly if you could be so kind as to refer your friends or business contacts to us, and if you have time, leave us a review on Google or even just keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

Ideal connections for us are small and medium businesses, from just a handful of people, to dozens of computers and even companies with multiple locations. Businesses who we work best with are law and medical offices, churches & non-profit organizations, manufacturing, and just about anyone with computers, servers, networks, voice over IP phone systems. We are even a great match for home based offices who rely heavily on their computers.

Know of a particular need?  A business considering a new server, phone system or maybe replacing a single computer or even a dozen of them? We’re perfect for that!

I know your time is valuable, but if you could help us out with a referral, I would appreciate it more than you know. Referrals and reviews help keep us busy and out of trouble.

Speaking of reviews…  When someone searches Google for “Greenville Computer Service” it doesn’t matter so much, but if they go to Google Places or search from something like “Greenville Computer Repair Shop”, they are presented with the local search listing, which DOES show reviews. A person who needs help will likely call the business with the highest number of reviews and the highest score.   Please help us by leaving a positive review for us.

You can find our reviews here:


In order to leave a review, you will have to convert your regular old Gmail account over to a Google Plus account (if you have not already), which is free, simple to do, and gives you a number of new networking tools to use yourself.  Once you have done so, you can leave a review.  Please consider marking us a “3”, if you have been happy with us!

If you already have helped with a referral or a review, you have my deepest gratitude!  THANK YOU!


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