The next reason for gas costing more at the pump could be malware…

Some Off-Shore Oil Rigs Have Been “Incapacitated” By Malware Thanks To Pirated Music and Porn

Gasoline has started its seasonal increase in cost, as I am sure you have noticed.

Why does it cost of fluctuate? One reason is that as we move towards summer months, additives are implemented which are mandated to be used between April and September in a bid to reduce pollutants. The process costs money, as do the additives, and that is passed on to us. Another reason is an increase in travel, and obviously, the price is going to raise as high as the market will possibly support.

An article caught my eye and made me wonder if another issue may affect us at some point might be Malware.

The article’s headline says it all, “Some Off-Shore Oil Rigs have been “Incapacitated” By Malware Thanks to Pirated Music and Porn“… Follow the link through to read about how there are fears that malware on an oil rig could cause a blowout, explosion or oil spill and even the loss of life.

And I guess it just illustrates that bored workers with access to computers will do what they do best – waste time.

If you would like to discuss how we can keep your Greenville workers from becoming infected, please give us a call at 864-990-4748 – Infection at your workplace may not cause a “blowout”, but it could still potentially cost your company lots of money in downtime and recovery.

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