The best service in the Upstate isn’t from a big national franchise

The best service in the Upstate isn’t from a big national franchise… It’s from a locally owned business (that is part of a national franchise).

I’m not talking about computer or server service, I’m talking about automobile service this time.

If you follow me on social media, you probably saw me whining about my car issues recently, so skip the next couple paragraphs. For those who are not in the know, here’s the story.

On Tuesday, after several days of my car sitting in the driveway, including a missed day of work due to a horrible cold, I went to start the old bomb and … nothing. Not even a click.  The battery was completely dead. No big deal. I have a charger, which I dug out and tried. It did not want to cooperate at first, but finally, it began to charge the car and within 15 minutes, I was up and running. Well, let’s say I got to work.  But the car was not running well.  It was “bucking”, lunging forward at stop signs and lights, and even dying in intersections.  UGH! No fun at all.

After the vehicle sat at work, it wouldn’t start up… Completely dead.  And I wasn’t smart enough to bring the charger along, so Pamela came running to my rescue, driving back from Easley to Greenville (Where she had been 30 minutes earlier) with that charger. Made it home, and then charged it all night. So it started fine on Wednesday morning, but it didn’t want to run well.   Made it to a meeting though, and from there, went to an auto parts place.

I bought a new battery… Fixed the starting problem!   Didn’t fix the RUNNING problem.  Changed the air filter, added some octane booster (fuel injector cleaner hokus pokus stuff), cleaned the throttle body, MAF, etc.  No change.  Bought a can of ether (starting fluid) and sprayed around vacuum lines, looking for leaks… Nothing.  Drove it to Clemson, and at a crosswalk, the car lunged forward, towards kids crossing the street. Uhm ENOUGH!

I took it by Roots Goodyear in Easley, and they were backed up with a ton of clients. But still, about 5pm, Bob Root calls and tells me the car is ready.

When I dropped it off, I explained to him that I thought it could be something like a throttle position sensor, and we discussed coils (of which there are 6, and one has been replaced already).  So we were looking at repairs that could have been 200, 300, even 500 dollars.   I told him that I had to have it fixed, I have to get to work.  And I told him to change the oil too with a synthetic.

You wanna know how much the bill was?  Less than 80 dollars.   For the fix of the “bucking” and the oil service.

That’s excellent.  And you know what? It could have been so much worse for me.  If it had been another shop, I am not sure it would have been an 80 dollar repair.  Here’s a self-professed gearhead (me), telling a shop to fix a car. An unscrupulous repair facility might see that opportunity and wrack up a heck of a bill.

Not Bob Root.  Not yesterday. Not ever.

That’s why our family continues to use him. We always get a fair shake.   An honest and trustworthy business is difficult, but great to find.

Pamela and I strive to provide the same type of honest and reliable service here at Homeland for your business computer, server and network repairs. You will never have us replacing parts that we don’t know for sure are bad. We don’t suggest the replacement of a computer just because we make a fortune off of selling you a new one. We want to have you as a customer for a very long time, just like Root’s Goodyear will have us as a patron for a very long time!

THANK YOU BOB… For fast, reliable and affordable service… Hopefully we can return the favor sometime.


If YOU need car service, you know who I recommend…..

Root’s Goodyear Tire & Service
6804 Calhoun Memorial Hwy  Easley, SC 29640
(864) 306-6901


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