Computer theft can be reduced dramatically with simple & inexpensive devices #SRMC

Kensington Security Lock

Kensington Security Lock

Last week I wrote about¬†hard drive encryption which could protect your data in the event your notebook, desktop or even a server were to be stolen… ¬†Odd that I mentioned one particular organization, Spartanburg Regional Medical Center, which had suffered two computer losses as of the date of that posting, because yesterday found SRMC back in the news with the report of a third lost computer…

This time, someone walked away with a desktop computer from a patient room. While the organization insists that the unit contained medical information, I personally have my doubts. It was a full desktop computer, valued at 2000 dollars (We sell typical business computers with a full 3 year warranty for $749 each) according to the police report. The point of contact indicated that this desktop was used to communicate with a remote server, where the real work took place. ¬†But, being in this business, you know that people save data to the local machine instead of the remote server, a LOT. ¬†And if nothing was taking place locally, why didn’t they just have a less expensive thin client instead of a full-blown desktop?


So how can you secure a piece of equipment from theft?


In reality, you cannot entirely prevent something from being stolen. If someone is intent on taking an item, they are going to find a way to do it, but computer theft can be reduced dramatically with simple & inexpensive devices. Most modern office equipment has a special slot called a “Kensington Security Slot” (also known as the “K-Slot”) that can be used to tether the device to a stationary object.

Kensington Lock In UseA quick look at my desk is a great example of what can be secured. My desktop computer, both monitors, an external hard drive and even my Cisco IP Phone are all equipped with the familiar Kensington slot. I looked further and found servers, desktops, a printer, monitors, an LCD projector, a netbook computer, firewalls, routers and switches with the same lock slot.


K-Slot on Desktop

There is a Kensington Slot device to suit every application. ¬†Let’s say you have a mobile cart with a desktop computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse. ¬†You can put together a Kensington security solution that will secure to the cart, with bolts/screws, then lock into the desktop tower and the monitor, along with a clamp that holds the keyboard and mouse cables. Preventing even a mouse from being stolen easily.

If you would like to discuss how your equipment can be physically secured at your Greenville or Upstate, SC  location, please call us at 864.990.4748 or email РA small investment now, can prevent large losses later.

If you represent SRMC or another Upstate health-care provider, we need to talk. As a favor to the medical community, and everyone served by them, Homeland Secure IT is willing to provide Kensington Security products at a steeply reduced price from retail. Call me today and let’s discuss what we can do to get those computers locked down!



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