Time to update your Internet Explorer

It is (way past) time to let your old Internet Explorer go! What’s the hold up on your end? Now I understand you don’t like change, and that you know where everything is on your current browser, but I assure you that within minutes of installing IE 8, you will be back in the groove and everything you do now will be even easier with features liked tabbed browsing, etc.

Why is it so important that you update? Because the old versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer are loaded with “holes” that open you and your system up to one exploit after another. Not that installing the latest IE is going to give you 100% protection, however doing so will at least protect you 100% more than the old versions. Several sites have even announced they will stop supporting older versions of IE, so one day soon you may find that you can’t even browse to your favorite site if you do not opt to upgrade.

What about alternative browsers? There are a slew of them out there, and many people find that using one will give them a better browsing experience than Microsoft’s offering. All I can say is to download and try one of them and if you like it, use it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If you require help in upgrading your browser, or just have questions, shoot me a note, or call our office.

For more information about the latest doom & gloom for old versions of IE: http://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-warns-of-new-zero-day-exploit-for-internet-explorer

A Computer Engineer Barbie Sounds AWESOME to me

I’m a little too old to play with dolls (as far as you know), however, I think I would buy a “Computer Engineer Barbie” to use as our mascot at http://www.HomelandSecureIT.com mainly because it is geek-gone-mainstream if nothing else. Additionally, think of the inspiration it could be to a young child who may actually be influenced to become an IT professional, instead of a model or actress. God knows we already have enough stick-figure females, with unrealistic goals of becoming ever thinner through bad diet and bad habits. 

Thank you Mattel for listening to what people had to say!  Visit the vote site at: http://www.barbie.com/vote/

SuperHosts.Net has been updated with a new look

Our web hosting / web design business, www.SuperHosts.Net has been updated with a new look. This is the first change to SuperHosts since 2002 I believe. Over the coming weeks we will find the time to finish it up with some SEO, add a portfolio section to feature some of our sites, etc.

Some will ask why we are so expensive. The answer is: Because we are worth it! Sure, you can find hosting at much (MUCH) lower rates at thousands of other great providers. These days, the domain registrars sometimes offer the lowest rates on the ‘net. However, in most cases, all they provide is the hosting and everything else is left up to you. That is where Superhosts.Net is different. We don’t just offer you a virtual piece of real estate to post your pages. We are there from start to finish. When you have issues, need help, ideas, or some custom script or application, we are there for you.

We are not a perfect fit for everyone, but for those who want, or need a helping hand, that is where we shine!   The rates listed on the site are just there as a guideline, we will custom-tailor a package that fits your every need.

Don’t go with just any host, go with SuperHosts!

Prepare Thyself for Microsoft Patch Tuesday

It appears us IT folks get a little break on the patches this coming Tuesday. On the schedule are only 2 patches as outlined by an article on PCWorld.com….   Are the patches slowing down? Only time will tell, but last month was harsh, with MS dumping a ton of them on us, Java and Adobe patches, etc.

The article on PCWorld’s site is at: http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/190896/microsoft_predicts_tame_patch_tuesday_for_march.html

Today’s Wi-Fi Fear: Thieves using RDF to find notebooks

An article on NetworkWorld.com made me chuckle today…  Apparently the Bad Guys are now using Radio Direction Finding (RDF) to locate hidden notebooks because their 802.11* wireless was enabled.

It seems amazing to me that it has taken this long for anyone to realize that if a ntoebook or any other device is “wireless”, that it is transmitting a signal, which can be located.  RDF is actually a sport and ham radio operators have been doing it for years…  We use high gain, directional homemade and sometimes professionally made antennas, receivers and sometimes doppler systems to zero in on a hidden transmitter. This is called “foxhunting” in the USA for the casual participant.

The original article can be found here: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/030210-wifi-finders.html?hpg1=bn

Job Opening for an Entry Level Technician

Homeland Secure IT is looking for a person with a desire to:

  • Be here 8:30 to 5:30, Monday through Friday with 1 hr for lunch
  • Handle basic office skills such as composing email/letters, using Excel, etc
  • Assist with creation of marketing materials/ads/coupons
  • Work with/learn Adobe Photoshop, MS Publisher, etc a plus
  • Assist in marketing our business through all forms of social media
  • Has a pleasant speaking voice, happy to answer the phone, willing to make calls, set appointments
  • Happy to work with the public, accept incoming packages, computers that need service
  • Deal with money if required
  • Run errands as required (reliable transportation, insurance, clean DL a must)
  • Possess a good attitude and professional appearance
  • Self motivated and has ambition to grow with the company.
  • Keep the work environment a clean space that shows pride and care – with NO tobacco use!

Beyond those things, this person will desire to learn as we go along to become an actual computer repair technician. No experience is needed in this area, we will provide the skills necessary to the right person.

This job is ideal for a person who can also generate leads/prospect, make cold/warm calls…  Commissions will be paid on sales of product and services to new clients.

If you are interested in this position, please *email* your resume to info@HomelandSecureIT.com